How to Download & Install Free Spying App

Have you ever thought of looking into someone’s phone without even letting them know? Well, if yes, then the ideal choice for it is the Mobile spy apps. Spy apps are nothing but an application that enables you to peep into someone’s device and look at the apps and inside chats, call records, and also search history. Due to this, it is an invasion of privacy, but if it’s done with a decent intention, then it’s fair. Spy apps are very useful to parents to carry out parenting, bosses to look out for their employees, and also people who are dating. There are many Mobile spy apps that are free, and also some are paid. You can choose between them as per your own choice and convenience.

Steps to Download & Install Free Spying App

Steps to Download & Install Free Spying App
Steps to Download & Install Free Spying App

Let’s take a look at how you can download and install Mobile spy apps.

Step 1: Turn off unknown scanning for apps

You would find the scanning of applications you install in your device option. Well, this scanning is for making sure that the application is secured and safe and does not violate any privacy. In this case, you cannot install a spy app on your phone. You have to disable the scanning option in your mobile to avoid this process. This will help you to download any mobile spy application without any initial restriction. You will not face any notification which restricts any of these types of apps to get installed on your phone. Therefore, this is the must-do step in order to download and install a mobile spy app.

Step 2: Visit the website and install the Apk file

You need to have the application on the phone you have to spy. In this case, there is a need for you to download the Apk file of the mobile spy app from the official website. You can use any efficient browser for a quick downloading process. There would be no issue with the downloading process until your internet is strong. After the app is downloaded, you can install it without getting restricted. This is because previously you have disabled the scanning of any unknown source or application which will help to install the spy app quickly.


Step 3: Provide every permission required

Being a spy application, several permissions are needed from your end to function in your device. Every device has its own security control which includes several permissions that should be manually provided. This includes voice, storage, contacts and also locations, etc. These permissions are very important for the smooth functioning of the spy app on the target phone. You are supposed to provide every permission which is required by the app to get installed in your device. Therefore, this is one of the most important steps for installation on your mobile.

Step 4: Sign up by providing necessary data

You have to set up the spy app on the target phone to get access to their activities of the same device. For this, you have to log in or sign up by registering yourself by providing your data. The date includes your required personal information which holds great importance to finish the work. Once you register yourself, there is a need for you to hide the application which can be done by the spy app itself. This app will give you all the necessary details regarding the action of the target phone by sitting at your house in front of your PC.


Well, these steps are essential to follow to download and install mobile spy apps. We highly recommend you to follow the directions to spy on the target phone without any restrictions. There is almost no possibility of you getting failed because all the obstacles are successfully removed from the way. We hope that this article will provide you with the essential data required.